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Mammography Overview

A mammogram is a specialised form of x-ray that looks specifically at the breast tissue.

It uses a much lower dose of x-rays than that used for normal x-rays.

Most women should have their first mammogram at the age of 40. If you have any changes in your breast, or if breast cancer runs in your family, your doctor may request a mammogram earlier than the age of 40.

A mammogram is utilised for the diagnosis of breast cancer and helps to distinguish non-cancerous problems of the breast from cancer.

Ultrasound without mammography may be used as an alternative to mammography but is less sensitive in detection of abnormalities & is preferred for the younger patients.

Mammography is complemented by Breast Self Examination. At MBRI, mammograms are routinely done with a breast ultrasound and tomosynthesis.


How to Prepare for your Mammogram:

Bring your previous mammogram to your appointment so that the radiologist can compare the images.

Do not apply deodorant, body cream, perfume, or powder before your mammogram. You may bring these with you to apply after you mammogram.

Make sure you can undress easily and redress after procedure.

Women should pay attention to their monthly cycle when booking mammograms, as certain times of the month will be uncomfortable when compressing the breast tissue.

Monthly Breast Self-exam:

This is an essential preventative test that all women should get into the habit of performing.

This is best done in the bathroom or other private spaces while sitting or standing in front of a mirror.